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(Compulsory for all grades)

Uniform, Dismissal Times and Policies

Summer School Uniform


JC School Navy Blue Shorts
JC School T-Shirt
JC School Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Optional)
JC Navy Peak Cap
(All above uniform is available at Junior College at the office)
White School Socks
Navy Blue Sandles/Takkies or School Shoes


Boys Girls
White School Shirt Junior College School Dress
Grey School Shorts Tailored School Pants (Optional)
*JC Blazer Badge *JC Blazer Badge
*JC School Tie School Navy Blazer
School Navy Blazer White School Socks
Grey School Socks Black School Shoes
Black Belt (Optional)
Black School Shoes


Winter School Uniform

JC School Tracksuit
JC School T-Shirt or Long Sleeve T-Shirt
JC Beanie Set (Optional)
 (***All above uniform is available at Junior College at the office)
White/Grey School Socks
Navy Blue Sandles/Takkies or School Shoes
Boys Girls
White School Shirt Junior College School Dress
Grey School Shorts Tailored School Pants (Optional)
*JC Blazer Badge *JC Blazer Badge
*JC School Tie School Navy Blazer
School Navy Blazer White School Socks
Grey School Socks Black School Shoes
Black Belt (Optional)
Black School Shoes


Hair Accessories:  Only navy blue alice bands, navy elastic bands.
Optional: Only navy burkas and head scarves are allowed to be worn.

 Compulsory: Each learner should have a Njalo Bag


Curriculum and Extra Murals

Junior College adheres to the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). The curriculum consists of Home Language (English), First Additional Language (Afrikaans), Mathematics and Life Skills.

 Other Subjects that we offer:


  • Xhosa (2nd Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Geography
  • Economic Management Science
  • Arts and Culture
  • Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Education

Reports are sent home to parents at the end of each term and regular parent teaching meetings take place throughout the academic year.

Remedial classes: This service is available to learners at an additional cost. The child’s educator will contact parents to recommend this intervention should it be deemed necessary.

Library: All learners attend Library once a week and this entitles them to make a choice of book that interests them and take it home for a period of one week.

Computer / Information Technology: Our computer lab offers programmes that focus on perpetual, mathematics, problem solving and language skills. We emphasise the use of educational programmes to consolidate and extend the skills and concepts that are taught in the classroom.

Extra-Mural Requirements


a) Learners are required to wear prescribed extra-mural uniform for all activities in which they participate.
b) Njalo bag: Junior College draw string bag (sold at the office) may be used to carry extra-mural uniform in.
c) Appropriate shoes for the sport in which the learners are participating.

Extra-mural activity uniform:

For prices of uniform please contact the office on 021 704 2786 (Contact person Mrs Manuel)

Text-books and stationery requirements:

Parents will be responsible for the purchasing of all school requirements from the school.
More information will be giving on the day of enrolment.

Toiletry requirements:

On the day of enrolment parents will be presented with a list of toiletry requirements for the year.

School Case:

Pre-Primary school may use any school case. Grade 1 – 7 may use a navy blue or black canvas type school case, preferably with interleaves, handle and shoulder straps. No Tippex, graffiti or writing is allowed on school bags or other uniform items. The Learners name may be written on the case.

Operating Time, Rules and Regulations

Junior College will operate from Monday to Friday

(Excluding Public and school holidays)

Standard Times

Pre Grade R:
Monday to Thursday     8:00 to 12:45
Grade R:                           8:00 to 14:00
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
Grade 1:                            8:00 to 14:00
Grade 2:                            8:00 to 14:30
Grade 3 to 7:                    8:00 to 15:15
Grade 1 and Grade 2:     15:00
Grade 3 to 7:                    16:00

Pre-School Monday to Thursday

Pre-Grade R  –         8h00 to 12h45
Grade R          –         8h00 to 13h30

On Fridays the Junior School will be dismissed at:

Pre Grade R:       11:00
Grade R:              11:00
Grade 1:              11:30
Grade 2:              11:45
Grade 3 and 4:   11:50
Grade 5 to 7:      12:00


Time of dismissal to 15:00
Time of dismissal to 17:00

Please ensure that your child is collected at, or before the indicated time.

Enrolment contract rules

 Enrolment contract minimum of 1 year i.e. from January to December. Foundation phase (Grade 1 to 3) is a 3 year contract.

An administrative fee will be charged on all late payments of fees i.e. fees due on or before 30th of each month. Latest first day of each month.

A non-refundable registration fee is charged upon enrolment.

Junior College will be closed during all school holidays unless an application is made for after-care.

Junior College requires parents to notify them immediately of any change of address or telephone number (work/home)

In case of illness or an accident, Junior College will notify the parent immediately. Parents will be entirely responsible for all medical fees. Learners suffering from coughs or infectious conditions must remain at home until the condition has cleared. A doctors clearance certificate will be required when a child who has suffered from an infectious illness returns to Junior College.

Parents Teachers Meetings

Once every term or at the discretion of the principal.

Educational excursions

At least one per term or at the discretion of the principal.

School Holidays

Closed during school holidays but holiday care for pre-primary learners available upon request.


Fees paid over 12 months. Registration fee required upon enrolment. Placement fee required.


A compulsory development/maintenance fee will be charged. Parents will be encouraged to support functions voluntarily.


– Parents must avail themselves for an interview and the acceptance of a learner rests with the principal.
– Prospective learners from grade 1 to 7 must be assessed.
– Learners that are enrolled for Grade R require a new application to be accepted for grade 1.
– Completed forms and requested documents such as certified copies of birth certificate or identity documents and proof of residents (e.g rates accounts or lease agreement).
– 3 months bank statement.
– Proof of employment and income.
– Parents need to sign an indemnity form.
– Parents need to sign a declaration that they agree with all policies and accept the contract and conditions of employment.
– If a child is from another school we require a transfer form, CEMIS number and their last progress report.

In return we promise:
– Not to discriminate against any child.
– Keep our classrooms reasonably small.
– Give individual attention to any problem areas your child may experience.
– Teach good social moral values.
– And deliver work of a high standard


– The official language of teaching and learning is English, and the administration of the school is conducted in English. It is in the best interests of the learner that they be able to cope with an English medium environment.
– Learners must have passed English as Primary/Home language or have a proven equivalent facility in English.
– All learners take three official languages up to the end of Grade 7.


School fees are charged as per annum fee but are payable, per month. No discount is offered for early settlement. Payment may be made either by cash or electronic funds transfer. We cannot accept payment by credit or debit cards. Our account details are available on request. Fees must be settled, in full, by the 26th until the first day of each month. Any unpaid amounts, as of the first day of each month, will be deemed to be late fees and, as such will incur a penalty or administration charge. Thereafter, if any amount remains unpaid, a further penalty or administration amount will be charged on the first day of each subsequent month until fees are cleared.

Bank Charges

All cash deposits made into the school account at a bank will incur bank charges which will be levied and charged to school fees account of parents. A preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfers which attracts a lower bank fee.


Monthly payments are due by first working day of each month. Penalties or administration charges may be levied on persistent late payers.


Parents are not compelled to raise funds for the school and will do so in a voluntary capacity. A compulsory fee is therefore charged to each family on an annual basis regardless of the number of siblings that are enrolled. This fee increases annually.

Penalties or administration fees will be imposed on all unpaid balances after the first day of each month. Subsequent penalties or administration charges will be levied on the 1st of each month until balance is cleared. The school reserves the right to increase penalties / administration fees charged to persistent late payers. The school reserves the right to hand over for collection of arreas school fee accounts to the school’s debt administrators for collection. The school reserves the right to retain all learner documents until all school fees are settled in full or and arrangement has been made for the full settlement of arrear school fees or other debt.


The enrolment contract between Junior College and a parent of a learner in the Pre-Primary Phase is a minimum of 1 year (January to December).

The enrolment contract between Junior College and a parent of a learner in Foundation phase (Grade 1 – 3) is valid for 3 years.

The enrolment contract between Junior College and a parent of a learner in Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grade 4 – 7) is for a minimum of 1 year.

If the contract is broken there will be a penalty fee of three months. School fees for all grades will increase annually and parents will be notified in a newsletter.


After-care fees to be paid in full by the first week of each term. Please ensure that learners are collected on time as further penalty may be charged.

Learners not enrolled for after-care and collected late will be charged the late collection fee for every 15 minutes.


When a new place is offered, a non-refundable registration and placement fee will be required to secure the place. The first monthly school fee is due before the child is admitted into the class. Fees for the subsequent months may be paid in accordance with the monthly schedule.

We believe the school is an extension of the home; therefore, our role as educators is the work with the parents in dealing with discipline issues.
The educator uses positive re-enforcement to handle day to day discipline using the following strategies:
-Positive comments
-Token rewards
-Good work notes to parents
-End of term outing, party

The learners will be familiarized with the Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy at the beginning of the year. Thereafter, failure to respond favourably to a warning will lead to the following disciplinary steps. Serious offences, however, could override any stage of the procedure whereupon parents will be interviewed. Consistent compliance will be rewarded with a fresh start after a six month probationary period. If the pattern of offences persist after one year, it may be necessary, at the principals’ discretion, to proceed immediately to daily report at the beginning of the following year.

1 Offence —> 1 Break Detention —> 3 Break Detentions –> 1 Afternoon Detention (Notify Parent) –> 1 Saturday Detention Daily Report (2 weeks) (Notify Parent) –> Suspension (3 days) (Parent/Principal/Educator/Discipline head) –> Suspension (1 week) (Parent/Principal/Educator/Discipline head) —> Interview with Disciplinary Committee (Parent/Principal/Educator/Discipline head) —> Expulsion

Learners’ code of conduct, rights and responsibilities

Learners will not be punished for breaking a rule or taking someone else’s rights away, without the chance to tell their honest side of the story. There is a difference between telling tales and being a responsible person. It is wrong to expect when your rights have been violated, but refuse to help others protect theirs. We recognise that violation of these rules will be subject to consequences as set by our school’s Discipline Policy.

Learners respect those in authority and display good manners. Learners should be co-operative and kind.

No learner can be prevented from participating in any programme solely because of his/her race, ethnic origin or gender. A learner may decide not to take advantage of the educational opportunities at this school. However, no one has the right to interferr with the education of others.

Learners treat each other with kindness and demonstrate good manners. No learner should be treated unfairly because of their physical appearance or because they find work easy or difficult. Learners speak in courteous way. They don’t make fun of each other or physically or verbally abuse each other. Learners have the right to feel safe and happy at school.

Learners obey the school rules. These rulees are designed to allow the school to meet its obligations to educate learners in an atmosphere conducive to learning. They are also designed to provide an atmosphere of safetly and security for everybody.

Learners take pride in their school and keep in neat. They take care of books and equipment. Learners don’t damage or deface any area of the school.

 Learners are entitled to express verbally, or in writing their personal opinions provided they do not interfere with the right of others.

Learners attend school daily, unless ill or legitimately excused. Learners must be punctual for school. Learners who enter school after lessons are interfering with the rights of others to learn.

School and sport uniform regulations are adhered to at all times. Learners should take pride in their appearance.