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We invite all prospective parents to attend an interview and tour of our school at 9h00 on Monday’s to Thursday’s. Prospective parents will be given an opportunity to experience a diverse culture of learning and well-equipped facilities. Parents are welcome to phone for an appointment

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Mission Statement

At Junior College we are proud to encourage the values of loyalty and respect for fellow human beings in a higher power and value based learning environment. We nurture the freedom of mind necessary for making good moral decisions. Learners thrive in an environment in which mutual trust, respect and the consideration for fellow pupils form the basis of their educational foundation.

The professional and dedicated team of educators strive to promote an environment where your child’s full potential can be realised. We value the unique qualities of each individual and seek to nurture their particular talents and empower them to confidently overcome their weaknesses. We aim to provide a child-centered holistic (intellectual, emotional and physical) learning environment in which the diversity of children’s experience will be honoured and incorporated. We aim to equip learners with the appropriate skills to think critically and work diligently both co-operatively and independently.

Our learners are exposed to a school environment where self-discipline and a positive self-image is encouraged. The integration of academic excellence and a life-skill based curriculum promotes the development of a well-balanced individual who will make a positive contribution to society. With these ideals and maximum parent involvement, Junior College will remain a pillar of strength in the community for many years to come.

Safety and Security

Our learners are as important to us as they are to you. We understand the need to keep a steady look-out for their well-being as well as safety and have in place a setup that ensures that any unforeseen event can be handled efficiently. We have strict access control via intercom, electronically controlled gates and a surveillance system consisting of 40 cameras.

Our History

 Junior College was established by its headmaster Mr Nasar Salie who taught at a public school up to 1993. It is an institution managed by administrators and staff who have an intense and loyal interest in the success, happiness and individual needs of every learner who passes through its doors.

We started off as a pre – preparatory school, admitting learners up to Grade 3. After that, year after year, Junior College grew until within a few years it started offering classes up till Grade 7.

Our Staff

All of our teachers have qualifications in the subjects they teach, and are qualified teachers. Experience levels range from two years (for the junior staff) to over thirty years (for the senior staff.)

The school operates under separate heads for the pre-primary, primary, intermediate and senior phase. We have found that this offers each unit a great amount of flexibility in planning their activities, tests, classroom strategies, etc. With separate staff members for each academic level, Junior College offers a comprehensive feedback and information sharing mechanism to ensure that learners are ready for each level of education as they progress from grade to grade.

Our Ethos

  • An awareness of social and environmental responsibility
  • An emphasis on fostering self-worth, independence and confidence
  • A discipline environment with good moral values
  • Education is a dynamic partnership between children, teachers, and parents, in which each compliments the work and effort of the other in an atmosphere of CO-OPERATION, MUTUAL RESPECT AND APPRECIATION.

How To Register Your Child at Junior College

We typically open for admissions in the months of February and March, and follow the following regulations without exception:

Call For Inquiry

To complete an application at Junior College we require the following:

  • We invite all prospective parents to attend an interview and tour of our school at 9h00 on Monday’s to Thursday’s. Prospective parents will be given an opportunity to experience a diverse culture of learning and well-equipped facilities. Parents are welcome to phone for an appointment.
  • Application fee: R 220
  • Application forms: Application forms need to be completed at the office. Completed forms must be submitted to the administrative office accompanied by the application and registration fees.
  • Admission tests: There is an admission test for applications for Grade 1 – 7. Both parents need to come to school with their child on the appointed day, and decisions on admission will be made based on interactions with the child. The decision of the principal will be non-negotiable and binding.

To complete the application, the following documentation must be submitted.

(Please provide the following documents while registering your child)

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • A Copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of both parent’s ID’s
  • A copy of proof of address
  • A copy of proof of earnings of both parents (salary slips or 3-month bank statements)
  • Two ID size photographs of the child
  • One ID size photograph of both parents/guardian
  • Photocopy of the previous year’s or latest progress report

N.B. Applications are dealt with on a ‘first come first served’ basis

Unsuccessful applications

Please Note:
– Unsuccessful applications are placed on a waiting list and should vacancies arise they will be filled according to first come first served basis.
– Brochures and prospectus will be handed out once your child is accepted at the school.

Assessment Fee: R 200.00


Assessment fee R 200.00
Application fee R 220.00
Placement Fee  R 1000.00
Registration fee R 800.00



Monthly Annual (10 months)
Pre-Primary (Pre-Grade R to Grade R) R 2 400 R 24 000
Includes: Speech & Drama, Xhosa, Religious Instruction/Islamic Studies, Physical Education Levy and Computer Classes (Grade R)
Primary (Grade 1 – 7) R 2 940 R 29 400
Includes: Speech & Drama, Xhosa, Religious Instruction/Islamic Studies, Physical Education Levy, Information Technology and Access to Library
Remedial Class R4 020 R 40 200

**Contact us on 021 704 2786 for more information about this special class that we offer.

Extra Classes/Intervention/Learning Support (Grade 1 – 7)
1 Subject R 650
2 Subjects R 750
3 Subjects -1050
After – Care till 3pm R 1 100 (Term)
After – Care till 3pm R 1 675 (Term)
Maintenance Fee Due end of March – R 800
Stationery and books deposit: R 1 500.00

Banking Details:

Account Number: 27 21 68 661
Branch Code: 05 1001
Branch: Kromboom
Bank: Standard Bank
Cheque Account:

Reference: Please use the learners name

NB! Please send proof of payments to accounts@juniorcollege.co.za and bursar@juniorcollege.co.za.